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Elizabeth Smith delivers 'Mentoring Developers' at CodeConnexx 2012 in Indianapolis. She uses relevant and amusing Star Wars analogies to make her points. According to the conference description at "One of the best ways to move yourself forward as a developer is to have mentors who can forward your skills, or to be a mentor for a newer developer. Mentoring isn't limited to just "hard" or technical skills, and a mentoring relationship can help in all aspects of any career - be it open source, a day job, or something else entirely. Learn some skills and tips from people who make mentoring an important aspect of their lives. From how to choose a mentor and what you should expect from a relationship as a padawan, to how to deal with the trials and successes of the person you are mentoring as they grow in their career. Also learn about setting up mentorship organizations, from the kind inside a company to ones purely for the good of a community."