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APIs are commonly an afterthought, like a hot tub awkwardly attached to a house — a shoehorned approach that produces a suboptimal app with scarce support that lacks documentation. In effect, APIs are the ugly stepchild of the Web.

This is a sad reality that we are faced with, because many companies make their living consuming third-party APIs and mixing in their own data to create amazing and interesting mashups. In the initial phases of development, there is rarely enough money to develop the app and its API. By the time there’s both demand and money, it can be hard to fit an API on top of the architecture in such a way that the whole thing won't fall over. APIs should be first class citizens of the Web. Inconceivable? Possimpible? Not at all!

In this talk we will dive deeper into why APIs are an afterthought, how we can change that. We will also touch on how that can benefit your product down the line in terms of resource savings and infrastructure efficiency, as well as the impact it will have on your infrastructure.