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Getting Started Contributing to Open Source

Laura Thomson(00:47:40) Binoculars Image

sourced from CodeConnexx

From the Nov 2012 CodeConnexx conference. From the official conference description at Many people use Open Source but are intimidated by the idea of contributing to a project. "I'm not smart enough!" "I don't know enough" "What if people laugh at me?" In this talk I'll teach you why and how to contribute to Open Source. I'll cover: - Why you can and should contribute - What are the motivations for contributing? - What kind of contribution can I make? - Impostor syndrome - Finding a good project to contribute to - Navigating the community - Getting up to speed and getting productive - Making your first contribution At the end of this talk, attendees should feel empowered and ready to contribute their first patch, pull request, bug, test, or documentation.