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The hitchhikers guide to UXing without a UXer

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sourced from JSConfEU


Sometimes you are tasked with building great things by yourself or in a small team. Bootstrapped start-ups don't always have the budget for a dedicated Uxer to help you design the best apps, software or websites. So how do design great things without a Uxer? This is not a definitive guide or to even to be used instead of getting professional UX help but it will get you started developing the right way and stop you making classic mistakes.Before you even consider touching your dev environment I will show you how to "Start with one idea", "Think like a user" and set out your user journeys. From this solid foundation I will show you how to wireframe your logic and build it as rough a prototype as you can manage. We then consider how to evaluate and iterate on your designs and what tools you can use. Finally, I outline the importance of never being afraid to scrap anything which doesn't work. All without a single line of code being written.