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We’ve been working on our framework for quite some time now. We’ve been adding some important features by enabling new Symfony2 Components. But with the time our code base grew and now if you take a look our “framework” code it’s a mess. It’s time to do some serious refactoring. And from now on the framework we’re building will have a name – Simplex!
In this episode we’re going to do the following:
- the front controller (/web/front.php) will be the boiler-plate to initialize the framework and the application
- the framework itself (/src/Simplex) will abstract the handling of incoming Requests into class that could be reused when creating other web sites and applications
- the application (/src/Calendar) will handle the business logic – in our case will calculate the leap year and do other interesting stuff with time continuum
- the configuration (/src/app.php) will take care of routing and customization of the framework