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Ask not what JavaScript can do for you

Jon Bretman(00:20:40) Binoculars Image

sourced from JSConfEU


There are lot of tools (CoffeeScript, Typescript, Dart, JSLint / JSHint etc..) that we can use to help us write better JavaScript and many frameworks (Backbone, Ember, Angular etc..) that can help us structure large applications. But...

What if you already have a large code base and are not able to re-write your whole application in a new way?

What if your organisation does not want to depend on some open source or third party tool or framework?

I am going to talk about some of the key things that most of these tools / frameworks do and how you can apply them to your existing or new project. Topics covered will include:

Type checking
Data hiding (Public, Private, Static)
Asynchronous Code